Monroe – Floor Lamp

Marilyn Monroe, the sexiest Pin-up of the 50’s, inspired a pure Art & Design piece with 45kg of handcrafted solid brass. The Monroe Lamp’s design captures the essence of her image and the sensuality of her long legs. The lampshade and the gold tassel fringe complement the set, reminding the dresses used at the time. One hundred percent hand-worked with noble materials, the Monroe Lamp is another piece that expresses a familiar story, bringing passionate memories.

Materials | Solid brass + varnish antioxidant, chenille fabric.

Note: All Bessa pieces can be customized, upon request

UK Sofa

The UK sofa was inspired in the famous Chesterfield sofa. It is said that these sofas, leather settees with a distinctive deep buttoned, quilted leather upholstery and seat low base, were designed in the Uk in the early eighteenth century. Bessa redesigned this icon of the world design and created a unique chesterfield. The Uk Sofa appears to be levitating. This refreshing look comes from the exquisite brass tube foot. The velvet adds a touch of excellence by accentuating the bright color with moving lights. The originality of the Uk sofa is in the innovative details while remaining familiar to the original design. This is another piece that brings back passionate memories!

Eiffel Center/Side Table

BESSA created the Eiffel Table inspired by Gustave Eiffel, one of the most recognized engineers in the world. The Eiffel Table recovered the complexity of Eiffel’s style in a piece of Art and Design. This piece is evocative of well-known masterpieces such as the Eiffel Tower, full of cross structures with a crude and rustic look.

The vintage and raw finish dominates this concept and when used in an indoor environment creates a set of glowing structures that remind the lights of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Table is a captivating piece both for its history and for its aesthetics. This piece tells a remarkable and rich story, and revives feelings of nostalgia.

Materials: Aged solid brass + varnish antioxidant, bronze glass.

Filigrana Console Table

Filigrana is a piece with a magnificent and elaborate handwork. Bessa was inspired by the luxurious heritage of Portuguese jewelry to create this piece. The drawers worked in filigree mark the excellence of the piece! Pure handmade jewelry crafted by the most experienced Portuguese artisans. The front of each drawer has one key-shaped handle that was distinctively worked and silver-plated with fine gold. This is a unique piece that astonishes one by the delicacy and refinement of its extraordinary details. The base of the table is made of solid brass and was inspired by a jewelry bracelet.

Filigrana is a piece of extreme elegance with a sublime touch of luxury introduced by the Portuguese filigree.

Materials: Silver (fine gold plated), Solid brass, lacquered wood, velvet.

Gaudi Center Table

To celebrate Bessa´s 1st anniversary, Bessa created an exclusive limited edition piece inspired by Antoni Gaudi´s designs. The table is made of 100 kilos of solid brass and reminds the architectural façade of the Batlló House dominated by flowing organic lines. Inspired by the colors and geometric shapes of the tiles in Batlló House’s roof, the Gaudi table is covered with 300 triangles. Each one of them was manually foliated with silver and gold leaf and painted artistically. An exclusive work that stands out from conventional furniture pieces.

Materials: Solid brass + varnish antioxidant, wood, gold and silver leaf, high gloss varnish.